C-Suite Insights: Managing the business of healthcare in California

Executive Dialogue

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Jeremy Eaves, former CEO, Sutter Shared Services shares his experience working in California

The California market presents unique challenges for healthcare providers that health system leaders in other states may not encounter, and these challenges often negatively impact a provider’s revenue. Hear from Jeremy Eaves, former CEO, Sutter Shared Services about his experience working in California. 

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Our work with some of the largest health systems in California provides us with a thorough understanding of the challenges and opportunities throughout the state. Our state-of-the-art proprietary technology and analytic capabilities allow us to compare health system performance across the country  and we’re eager to share this insight with you.

  • Learn what providers are doing to mitigate rising labor and operational costs. 

  • Get actionable insights on changing payer behaviors. .  

  • Hear concrete strategies that can be utilized when developing a cohesive automation approach.